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Close up of sewing machine and cone thread
Sewing Design + Education

Learn to Sew

Sewing station with sewing machine, tools and fabric
Online sewing classes scheduled when you want and sewing tutorials. For adults and kids, with options for beginner to advanced skill levels.

Sewing Classes & Tutorials

Custom Sewing

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Custom clothing and accessories, decor, fabric, events, branded products, design, manufacturing and more.

Custom Sewing Services

Sewing classes, tutorials, after-school programs and camps for kids and adults at all skill levels, taught by a professional seamstress and experienced teacher.
Woman using a sewing machine
Woman using a sewing machine
Are you new to sewing and not sure where to start?

If you're not sure where to begin and what you'll need to get started with sewing, here you can learn more about tools, sewing machines and classes.

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Design and sewing with a focus on personalization and sustainable practices.

For individuals and businesses, we provide a wide range of custom sewing and design services, including clothing, decor, fabric, event, soft goods, branded products and manufacturing.

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Outdoor furniture with custom cushions
Woman modeling black and white day dress
Two American Girl dolls in custom outfits made in sewing class
Small brown dog on custom dog bed
Woman modeling dress outside
Two throw pillows
Man modeling blue button down shirt
Woman modeling denim jumper
Woman modeling plaid outdoor vest
Featured how-to videos, tips, tricks and other helpful sewing information.
The tools that a beginner will need in their sewing kit.
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Learn how to load a bobbin in both top and front loading sewing machines.
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Learn about the value of speed control and how it can help first-time sewers have a more enjoyable learning experience.
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Featured articles from the Ronkita Design blog.
Sewing teacher demonstrating how to use a sewing machine during an online sewing class
Virtual sewing classes have been so effective that they will remain an option to provide my students with the flexibility to learn how they want...

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Garments that can be made in the sewing course
Ready to take your fashion design and garment sewing to the next level? A new series of sewing courses with carefully curated projects to teach you techniques that are used...

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Woman showing book while reading in virtual lesson
The making of a one-of-a-kind zipper pouch created from unique fabric that started as scraps of fabric. I work on a lot of different sewing projects, collaborating with clients and...

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Close up of sewing machine stitch options
Yes, you absolutely can learn to sew online, and there are different ways sewing lessons are offered. Here are some comparisons of the options and things to look for to...

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Woman modeling bucket bag made from upcycled clothing
Working with Selva Beat, we turned a thrifted shirt and vintage bag handles into this custom bucket bag. See the process, and learn more about re-making items into new...

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Line drawing of brain to show how sewing can stimulate both sides
Sewing isn't just a creative skill for making stuff. It's also a great way to learn and apply concepts related to math, engineering, and problem solving...

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