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Recorded on-demand video and live, instructor-led online sewing classes
I teach online sewing lessons to beginner and advanced students across the country, adults and children as young as 7.

Some of my students prefer the live experience where they can ask questions while others like to follow along with a recorded video on their own time. Learn more about each option below.

Live, instructor-led sewing classes

In live, instructor-led sewing lessons I personally guide you in one-on-one or group classes.

I developed an online learning experience that makes it as close as possible to being in person. My multi-camera system enables me to toggle seamlessly to different points of view to show the sewing machine, tools, processes and projects from multiple perspectives for an immersive experience.

What it's like in my virtual sewing lessons

Watch the video below that shows what it's like when you take virtual sewing classes with me and different points of view to see the actions.

Learn the essentials if you're just starting with sewing, get help with a project you're working on or learn new sewing techniques. I'm here to answer your questions and walk you through step by step.

This is an interactive experience so we chat the entire time, you can ask questions, watch how I perform techniques and I'll give you feedback as I guide you along the way. This includes showing you how to use tools and equipment, and demonstrating techniques from multiple camera perspectives to provide an experience as close as possible to being in person.

  • Instructor-led, real-time video chat
  • Engage, ask questions and get feedback just like an in-person lesson
  • See actions from multiple camera perspectives
  • For adults and kids (ages 7+)
  • Schedule weekends and weekdays
What You'll Need

For the best experience please review the requirements and tools that are necessary to participate in virtual lessons.

Expand to see requirements

  • A microphone, speakers and webcam are necessary so we can communicate during the lesson.
  • A high-speed internet connection is highly recommended.
  • If you're accessing on a laptop or desktop computer you may need to install a browser plugin. Access the lesson at least 10 minutes before your first call to allow time to install the plugin before the lesson begins.
  • If you're accessing on a phone or tablet you may need to install an app that should be installed before the lesson begins.
  • A stand for your webcam, phone or tablet that enables you to use the sewing machine or tools while the instructor observes.
  • For most lessons you will need the tools found in a basic sewing kit.

All Sewing Classes

Recorded on-demand video sewing classes

Watch on your computer or mobile device when you want and return to pick up where you left off.

Some sewing classes and tutorials are available for you to enroll in and watch online at your own pace.

These are similar to the live classes and projects that I teach with an emphasis on understanding and retention. I don't try to pack in as much as possible but instead focus on the essential information for the technique or project that's being demonstrated.

I make these videos the same way I teach my live lessons - direct, to the point and from multiple camera perspectives to give you the best view of the actions.

How it works
  • Payment is required to enroll in on-demand sewing classes. Some tutorials also require payment to access and others are available to watch for free.
  • When you pay to enroll the class or tutorial is added to your account.
  • Log in to your account to access the videos and watch them as many times as you want.
  • An internet connection is required to access your account and watch the videos.

All Sewing Classes

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