Ready to take your fashion design and garment sewing to the next level? A new series of sewing courses with carefully curated projects to teach you techniques that are used to make a variety of garments.

The garment intensive was created to provide students with a starting point to venture into garment sewing. It’s segmented into courses that include multiple options to make top and bottom pieces. The sewing patterns were selected based not only on what you will learn but also because they’re versatile, stylish staple pieces for any wardrobe that you can mix & match and easily personalize.

The first course in the intensive starts with projects that build on beginner-level experience and prepare you for more advanced sewing projects. Each course is designed to build on the previous one that enables you to gain essential knowledge and experience for the next set of projects.

Developing the intensive took many factors into consideration in order to offer variety as well as a cohesive package of sewing projects. Based on your experience you can start at the beginning and take the courses in sequence or select the courses that work best for you. 

Although the course has primarily sewing patterns marketed towards women, several are gender neutral and a few patterns labeled for men. The intensive also consists of woven and knit garments to help you build a diverse range of sewing skills. 

Who’s this for?

If you’re confident with basic techniques, using your sewing machine and PDF sewing patterns, then you’re ready. Otherwise, if you’re new to sewing or want a refresher to get you ready, check out the Beginner Basics class or the in-depth Intro to Sewing Course.

Ready to get started?

Part 1 of the Intensive is available for you to sign up and schedule the classes. The next parts are in development and will be ready soon.

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