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Custom sewing to bring your ideas to life

Custom sewing is all about personalization with unique pieces that express your style or perform a specific function.

Areas of Focus

For individuals and other businesses we provide a variety of custom sewing services with specialties in the following areas:

  • Creating garments or accessories from commercial patterns or your custom designs for children, adults or 18" dolls
  • Remaking garments to add new features or functions, including for greater accessibility
  • Refashioning or upcycling clothing and other items into new pieces
  • Designing custom fabric from photos, artwork, branding or other graphics, and then developing pieces using the custom fabric
  • Crafting unique decor items for your home, workspace or events
  • Collaborating with other creative service providers to make exclusive pieces for your clients
  • Providing sewing resources and consulting to engineering and product development agencies

Projects We Don't Take
While the areas we focus on cover a wide variety of projects there are a few types that we don't accept:

  • Common alterations or repairs, like hemming, fixing holes, replacing zippers or taking in/letting out
  • Formal/wedding attire, like gowns, lace dresses and suits
  • Shoes and footwear
  • Upholstery
  • Millinery
  • Embroidery
Drink Cozies
Day Dress
Throw Pillows
American Girl Doll Fashion
Men's Shirt
Athletic/Performance Leggings
Outdoor Pillows & Cushions
Sleeveless Top
Bags, packs and totes
Drink Cozies
Dog Beds
Shift Dress

Custom Sewing Request


  • Have something made when you need it, that will be made to last
  • Options for sourcing organic, eco-friendly, and U.S.-produced fabrics and materials
  • Custom-printed fabric is only produced in amount necessary for your project
  • Copy and refashion garments, or upcycle from other items
  • Production takes place in Austin, TX
  • Cut scraps are used for other projects, stuffing in pet beds or pillows, or recycled
  • Have worn garments and other sewn items repaired or upcycled instead of throwing them in the trash

Custom Sewing Projects

Learn more and see examples of our different types of custom sewing projects.
Custom clothing so you get the exact design, fit, function, and material that you want. Made from a pattern or a garment you already have that you want more of.
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Get the perfect bag that looks and functions exactly the way you want.
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Personalize home, outdoor, office, and entertaining spaces with custom pillows and cushions.
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For interior decorators, event/wedding planners, photographers, and other creative service providers, we can help you deliver the experience your clients want.
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Personalize the wardrobe of your American Girl and other 18" dolls with custom clothing and accessories.
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Custom-designed fabric made from your photos, artwork, logos/branding, and other graphics.
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Get the one-of-a-kind items you want to make your event a unique and memorable experience.
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Custom cozies for cans and pint glasses for gifts, events, weddings, parties, or home/restaurant decor.
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Custom Sewing Request