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Online classes to teach kids how to sew
Recorded and instructor-led sewing classes scheduled when it's convenient for you!

Sewing is a wonderful activity for kids that lets them be creative and teaches a number of valuable skills. It engages kids in a fun and constructive manner, that not only enables them to express themselves creatively, but also builds upon skills related to dexterity, design, problem solving, math, and engineering.

We offer a wide variety of options for children to learn how to sew, including virtual classes and personalized lessons, after-school programs, camps, tutoring, and parties. Based on skill level and what they want to learn, select from available classes or personalized sewing curriculum can be developed. Projects include clothing and costumes, doll clothes, accessories, home decor, plush toys, hand sewing, and much more. Kids can also learn to use sewing patterns, and how to create their own designs.

Sewing Classes


No matter where you're located your child can learn new skills and make something great.

From my sewing studio in Austin, TX, I teach online sewing classes to students locally, across the United States and internationally

  • For ages 7+
  • Taught by a professional seamstress and experienced teacher with 18+ years experience teaching adults and children
  • Advanced multi-camera online learning environment
  • Instructor-led private classes scheduled when you want with discounts for multiple people
  • Enroll in recorded, on-demand classes to watch online and learn at your own pace
  • Options for all experience levels, beginner to advanced
  • Recurring and long-term lessons can be organized, including after-school sewing programs, tutoring, and camps

Sewing Classes

Sewing Classes

These are popular beginner and advanced sewing classes so there's something for kids of all experience levels.
A great introduction to basic sewing techniques and using a sewing machine.
Class Details
Everything your child needs to feel confident on a sewing machine and ready to take on more projects.
Course Details
Get creative and choose from a variety of fun crafting projects, including many that are made with handsewing techniques.
Class Details
Learn to make clothing and accessories for your 18" doll.
Class Details
Learn to create a custom, versatile zipper pouch at any size to store or carry anything you want.
Class Details
A sewing course for students who want to learn more sewing techniques that can be used with a large variety of projects.
Course Details
Get a custom sewing program developed just for you that covers exactly what you want to learn.
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After-School Sewing Programs

Offer sewing in your school with after-school and in-school sewing lessons

Working with private and public schools, homeschool groups and individuals, curriculum is developed based on the number of classes, skill level and what students want to learn.

Programs include beginners who have never sewn before, to advanced students who design and create their own projects. We also coordinate with teachers, administrators and other instructors to integrate projects and curriculum from other courses. In some cases, multi-semester curriculum is developed so students can continue with the program and refine their sewing skills.

Do you want sewing offered at your school? Contact me to explore program options, or ask your school administrators to contact me.

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Tutoring & Personalized Lessons

Lesson plans and projects created specifically for your child based on their interests and goals.

If your child wants to learn something that's not currently available as a class then personalized lesson plans and projects are developed that are tailored to exactly what they want to do.

I work with my students on using commercial sewing patterns, creating projects from their own designs, guide them on tools and materials, and craft custom lesson plans to build their sewing skills.

For groups of more than five kids and parties, simpler crafting activities are available.

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Sewing Camps

Keep kids active with engaging activities over summer and holiday breaks.

Flexible sewing camps that are personalized to fit your schedule. Arrange 3, 4 or 5 day camps at times that are most convenient for you.

Students will learn how to use a sewing machine and hand sewing techniques to make a wide variety of projects to take home. Starting age is 7, but for younger kids hand sewing projects are available.

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Sewing Machines for Kids

If you're looking to buy a sewing machine for your child, these are a few I recommend.

While teaching and servicing sewing machines, I get to try out a LOT of different machines, and am frequently asked for recommendations. These recommended sewing machines for kids are simple to operate and easy to learn on. Plus, they have the one feature I always recommend for kids who are learning to sew - speed control. If you're not familiar with speed control, watch the demo below to learn more about this feature and why I suggest it for beginners.

Speed Control on Sewing Machines

Speed control is a feature found on many, but not all machines, and it maintains the speed of the sewing machine regardless of how hard you press on the foot pedal. I teach many different students, and it's not uncommon for beginners to be intimidated by the speed of a sewing machine when they first sit down in front of one.

About the Instructor

Vanessa has been teaching children and adults for over 20 years and offers beginner to advanced sewing lessons to students locally and virtually across the country. She's also an instructor in the Fashion Design Program at Austin Community College and is a member of the Fashion Design Advisory Committee. Previously, Vanessa was an instructor at The Stitch Lab where she taught intro and specialty sewing classes, gave private lessons, hosted parties, and ran summer camps.

Vanessa is a full-time designer and seamstress working with clients on a wide variety of custom sewing and product development projects for fashion, wearable tech, decor, accessories and soft goods that keep her current with the latest sewing trends and technologies. She is also a machine service technician and has detailed knowledge of a wide range of sewing machines that enables her to personalize sewing lessons for the types of machines students are using.