Yes, you absolutely can learn to sew online, and there are different ways sewing lessons are offered. Here are some comparisons of the options and things to look for to help you make an informed decision.

Based on your sewing goals and how you prefer to learn you want to choose an option that is best for you. It’s relatively easy for anyone to make video content to share their knowledge and ideas online, and in this article I’ve organized the options into two groups:

  1. Pre-recorded video 
  2. Live, interactive video chat

Pre-recorded video sewing classes

With pre-recorded learning options you can find both free and paid options. A benefit is that these can be very affordable, like watching for free on YouTube, or using platforms that offer inexpensive subscription or pay-as-you-go sewing classes. 

While finding options in your price range is certainly important it’s also good to be aware that it may be challenging to find videos that cover advanced techniques or specific projects that you want to learn. There are many free and paid programs that cover basic and introductory sewing techniques but you may need to invest a lot of time searching videos before you find one that’s right for you and adequately covers the topic that you’re interested in learning more about. 

When you find someone you like check out their other videos and if they have options for you to continue to learn from them, both pre-recorded and live options, as you build your sewing skills. 

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Live, interactive video chat sewing classes

With live lessons you can also find both free and paid options. Free options, like sew-alongs and demonstrations, usually cover specific sewing techniques and projects. During these sessions you can often ask questions during or afterwards to get more information.

Paid options are often charged by the hour, or have fixed prices for sewing courses or a set of classes. These may cost more than pre-recorded options but the personalized attention is the key difference and benefit of live lessons. When you’re learning directly from the instructor in an interactive lesson you can ask questions and get immediate feedback on how you’re doing. The instructor can also tailor the lessons to your age, experience, pace, the sewing machine and tools you’re using, and any areas you may want to focus on.

Based on your sewing goals the teacher can develop projects and custom lesson plans that focus on the path that you want to take. This can be simply learning the basics or guiding you through to advanced projects and techniques.

When considering paid or free, or pre-recorded or live learning, keep in mind that everyone’s goals are different and the path you decide to take should be based on what you want to get out of sewing.

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  1. Kayleigh

    I am interested in sewing lessons , want to learn alterations, zips , making dresses, pants etc

    1. Juni

      I have never try doing machine sewing but can perform basic hand sewing at home. That’s to say I have little or no knowledge about sewing like a tailor, I will want and like to learn sewing and become a tailor and a designer. Please

  2. Addah Doris

    I’m interested to learn how to sewing so kindly help me out please.

  3. Chalice ayers

    I want to learn to make the basics from the machine to the stitching learning everything from scratch. Making the basics to start and then into making 2 pieces like a skirt and top, easy things until I get more confident and also want to learn about all the different stitches everything from scratch. So beginner.

  4. Nidea, Colleen Rachelle Anne D.

    I want to learn how to sew so I can make my own dresses. I really want fashion designing eversince

  5. Julie McIntyre

    Tailoring jackets and corsets and waistcoats

  6. Victory

    I like fashion and design, so I want to learn it

  7. Obie Usategui

    I am interested in learning how make my own men’s double breasted blazer step-by-step. Everything from making the pattern, cutting, sewing, materials, etc. I would prefer free online as I live on a SS retirement check. I already have a good sewing machine. Can you please help me on finding a teacher, a course online that will meet my wishes. Thank you in advance for your help.

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