The making of a one-of-a-kind zipper pouch created from unique fabric that started as scraps of fabric. 

I work on a lot of different sewing projects, collaborating with clients and guiding my sewing students. All of this sewing creates a lot of cut scraps and I’m always exploring different ways to repurpose them to reduce waste. Sometimes I use them in toy stuffies, pillows, or dog beds instead of buying inserts or polyfill, but one of my favorite uses is piecing the scraps to make new fabric.

This creates an entirely unique and beautiful array of shapes, colors and textures. It’s somewhat relaxing and uninhibited compared to other types of sewing projects that require more precision and planning. This type of project also allows my students to explore sewing in a different, more free form style.

In this video I’m showing the process of creating new fabric from the cut scraps and then using that fabric to make a zipper pouch. The result is a piece that’s completely original and not like anything else with an inherent beauty all its own, made from scraps that may be tossed in the trash but instead are given a new purpose. This is just one way we try to inject more sustainable practices into what we do and are always striving to do more.

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