Custom, branded drink cozies made from photos, artwork, logos, and any other graphics.

Branded drink koozies are a common promotional item that businesses in many industries regularly use. They’re ubiquitous, and relatively cheap and easy to produce. However, the main distinguishing characteristics are often the color of the koozie or a very simple graphic. So they’re not really memorable and don’t provide much differentiation from the koozies everyone else is giving out.

Custom Drink Cozies

At Ronkita Design, we see opportunities for custom design in everything – in form, function, and graphics – and the custom drink cozies we produce offer a fresh approach to using drinkware accessories as promotional items.

Unlike other custom beverage coolers, our cozies aren’t just a simple one- or two-color graphic printed on the cozy. Instead, we produce custom fabric that can be made from photos, logos, artwork, branded materials, and just about any other graphics. We then manufacture the cozies that are made to fit common can and pint glasses, or modified to fit other container sizes.

The use of custom fabric made from your graphics elevates the level of design and opportunities for communicating your brand message.

You’re not limited to simple graphics, like your logo and phone number, but instead can share a richer story that engages people, starts conversations, and ideally will be something they actually want to use.

Custom Graphics

When it comes to creating the graphics, we’re a full-service shop that brings together a combination of sewing, branding, marketing, and design expertise.

We can work directly with your design team, with graphic files you already have, or create graphics from scratch.

Using custom or commercially available fabric, we can make drinkware, accessories, linens, clothing, and other items to go with any decor or theme.


In addition to personalization, consumers are also looking for brands that offer more sustainable options, steering away from plastics and non-biodegradable products.

We strive to integrate sustainable practices and materials by making the cozies from cotton fabrics.

Custom Sewing

Custom sewing is our specialty and options for one-of-a-kind items don’t end with drink cozies. We offer unparalleled levels of customization in the design and creation of unique pieces.

To extend the reach of the custom visuals, we can also create linens, accessories, décor, clothing, and even stuff for pets. This opens up entirely new ways for people to experience, interact with, and share your brand for your next event, party, holiday gifts, or team builders.

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