Intro to Sewing Course

A beginner sewing course that gives you expert information to build your skills and take on more projects

If you're completely new to sewing, this three-part course is a set of private lessons with projects designed for beginners to give you the perfect introduction to sewing.

The projects in this course pack in a lot of information for anyone who has never sewn before to get you sewing quickly. Based on your availability, budget, and what you want to learn, select from three options that build your sewing skills with different projects. These are scheduled at a time that works best for you. Take them one at a time for $75 each, or schedule as a package for a discount.

The perfect introduction to learn the basics of sewing and how to use a sewing machine, or a quick refresher if it's just been a while since you last used a sewing machine.

Part I only

Refine your skills on a sewing machine and learn techniques that will prepare you for more advanced projects.

Parts I & II

Everything you need to feel confident on a sewing machine and ready to take on more projects.

Parts I, II & III

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Check out all options for classes and private lessons, or contact me with classes and programs you'd like to see developed. You can also take this survey to let me know more about what you would like.

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About the Instructor

Vanessa has a long history of teaching, and was an instructor at the Stitch Lab where she taught intro and specialty sewing classes, gave private lessons, hosted parties, and ran summer camps. In addition to sewing, she has also taught art, English and grammar to children as young as two all the way through high school-aged kids. Her teaching experience extends overseas as well when Vanessa was in the Peace Corps and she taught grades 1-12, and ran clubs and summer camps. Vanessa has taught adults and kids of all ages, and especially likes seeing how everyone applies their newfound sewing skills to express themselves.

Vanessa is also a machine service technician and likes to share helpful tips with her students on the operation and maintenance of their machines.

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