About Ronkita Custom Sewing and Design

Ronkita Custom Sewing and Design is all about personalization and committed to creating custom-tailored products that show off your unique style. What you wear, how you accessorize your wardrobe, how you decorate your home, and even what you put on your pets, are all expressions of your personal style that communicates who you are to the world. I started sewing because I wanted the opportunity to express my individual tastes wherever I can, understand where the items I use are sourced from, and create quality products that will last — and this is the same opportunity that I want to provide others.

If you're not satisfied with current trends or buying from big-box stores, I offer complete design and creation services for clothing & accessories, home décor, items for your pets, and just about any custom sewing projects you may have.

I also offer services that touch on many other aspects of sewing, including classes and private instruction and machine repair.

Big or small jobs, please contact me with any questions or use the order form to start any custom projects.

Request custom projects, or contact Ronkita Design with any questions, comments or custom orders at: 512-630-2115 /