About Ronkita Custom Sewing & Design

A full-service sewing shop that provides custom sewing, sewing training, and sewing machine repair services.

  • Are you unsatisfied with current trends and want alternatives to fast fashion or buying from big-box retailers?
  • Are you not able to find the products you want, or need products made?
  • Do you want to make a more impactful statement about who you are?
  • Do you want to experience sewing or need support?

Ronkita Design offers complete design and production services for clothing & accessories, decor, items for pets, branded products, and just about any custom sewing projects you may have. We strive to provide high-quality and custom design, as well as options for sustainably sourced materials and paths for upcycling/recycling existing products. You can also gain expert knowledge through a variety of workshops and resources, and get your sewing machine serviced when it's on the fritz.

Our aim is to be a comprehensive solution for sewing-related needs, and be able to support and collaborate with the broader sewing and design community.

Who We Are

Ronkita Design was started by husband and wife team Michael and Vanessa, who both have a passion for design and crafting in a wide variety of different mediums. Native Texans, and long-time Austin residents, they brought their skills together to form Ronkita Design and provide a comprehensive set of services to enable others to express their unique style.


Vanessa started sewing as a way to express individual tastes wherever she could, understand where materials are sourced from, and create quality items that will last.

She's a professional seamstress and has spent 18+ years in marketing, animal welfare, teaching, and creative roles. For several years she was an instructor at Stitch Lab where she taught children and adults intro and specialty sewing classes, gave private lessons, hosted parties, and ran summer camps.

In addition to sewing, Vanessa has also taught art, English and grammar, and her experience extends overseas when she was in the Peace Corps. Vanessa has taught adults and kids of all ages, and especially likes seeing how everyone applies their newfound sewing skills to express themselves.

Always yearning to learn as much as possible, she trained under, and eventually became, the lead technician at Stitch Lab. There she performed all of the cleanings, repairs, and maintenance as part of the sewing machine repair service. Since then she has worked on hundreds of machines, new and old, gaining intimate knowledge of overall machine functions and performance.


Michael began his career as a graphic designer, building upon his drawing and painting experience from a young age.

He has 20+ years in marketing, web design, and development. Before starting Ronkita Design with Vanessa, Michael was the Global Marketing Director at a marketing research organization where he led digital strategy and production. Through his career he's had the opportunity develop websites, design for print, web, and video, direct live events, work with people around the world, deploy global campaigns, and manage talented teams of other designers and developers.

Not satisfied to only design and build in front of a screen, Michael applies the same approach and tenacity to wood working where he builds furniture and makes never-ending modifications to their home. Sustainability is a consistent thread here too, where projects often include scrap and discarded lumber.

Sewing enables another extension of Michael's design and development skills, both through the production of physical items and exciting advancements in the integration of digital components.

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