Sewing Kit

If you're just starting out with sewing, these are the basic tools that you'll need that make up a sewing kit.

Anyone who sews will need these supplies, plus these are some of the tools you'll need to bring with you when taking sewing classes. As you take on more types of projects you'll need to acquire additional tools, but these are the essentials to start with.

Basic Sewing Kit for Beginners
Quilting Pins

Delicate Basting Pins

Extra fine, straight pins for basting delicate fabrics.


Invest in a good pair of scissors to always get clean cuts, and use them exclusively for cutting fabric to keep them in good condition.


For quickly trimming threads.

Non-Slip Ruler

A clear ruler makes it easier to mark and cut fabrics.

45mm Rotary Cutter

A good size for most cutting needs, and can be used right or left handed. Use a small cutter for more intricate cuts, or a large cutter for thicker or multiple layers of fabric.

Fabric Marker

Water and air soluble to make marks on most fabrics. Be sure to test and read labels before marking final fabrics.

Cutting Mat

Avoid damaging tables and rotary cutting tools by using a self-healing cutting mat.

Tape Measure

Seam Ripper

Magnetic Pin Cushion

Chalk Pens/Markers


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