I like to explore projects outside of sewing, especially when something can be salvaged or repurposed, and when we came across this coffee table frame that had been sitting in a greenhouse, I knew it had great potential. The timing was also perfect because we needed a coffee table.

The design of the frame, along with the opportunity to customize it, enabled us to create a unique piece that fit our style. Getting to that point took a bit of work, but it was a fun experience, gave us a chance to work with other materials, and apply design ideas in new ways outside of sewing.

As you can see in the first two pictures below, it was completely covered in rust, and fortunately the pads were in relatively great condition.

We removed as much of the rust as possible, getting down to the bare metal that was still in good condition.

The final steps were painting the frame, creating each table top from plywood, and adhering the laminate that came in this very cool, retro pattern.

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