Some of the tools that any beginner will need.
The basic steps for performing routine maintenance on a sewing machine and serger to help ensure your machine will continue to operate efficiently.
Zippers are not always the answer! Try out a double welt pocket inside that bag! Sometimes you don't have a zipper or you just can't be bothered - no problem! Check out this tutorial on how to install a double welt pocket instead.
Learn how to give your garments a professional look with facings.
Learn how to fix a zipper when the pull comes off the zipper track.
Learn different techniques for hand sewing in a straight line.
See how to upcycle a bandana into a facemask using hand sewing techniques and non-sew methods.
Kids love playing with jumbo fabric letters, and they are very simple to make.
Hi Lefties! As most of you know, we have learned to adapt and do things both right AND left-handed, but this tutorial is just for lefties! (Granted, it can be easily translated for righties, too)
Learn about the value of speed control and how it can help first-time sewers have a more enjoyable learning experience.
Learn how to replace elastic in skirts, pants, and other items.
Learn how to tie a strong and versatile tailor's knot.
Learn how to turn a t-shirt into a pillow cover.

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Intro to Sewing Course

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