Fabric & Material Reference

The swatches shown below are a small sample of materials I have worked with and can be used as reference when requesting your custom project. Please note that some of these materials may not be in stock or can no longer be acquired, but if you want to use any of these for your project I can let you know if it will be suitable and if it's available. Otherwise, these can be used as a guide while we develop your custom project and I learn more about how it will be used, and the colors, textures and patterns that you want.

Disco Dot Girl
ID: 139
Pristine Poppy
ID: 138
Mini Calaveras
ID: 137
Fishing Lures
ID: 136
Norwegian Woods Fantasy Forest
ID: 135
Forest Camping
ID: 134
Garden Enchanted Mineral
ID: 133
Tile Pile
ID: 132
ID: 131
Dottie Tiny Dots
ID: 130
Dinosaur Rows
ID: 129
ID: 128
ID: 127
Safari Lines
ID: 126
Animal Village Lines
ID: 125
Paris French Patisserie
ID: 124
Paris French Patisserie
ID: 123
Animal Village Lines
ID: 122
Grey Elephants
ID: 121
Mini VW Bug Cars in Row
ID: 120
Retro Pop Geometric Circle Lines
ID: 119
Animal Village Lines
ID: 118
ID: 117
ID: 116
Cat Dots
ID: 115
Hedgehod Rows
ID: 114
Large Head Cat Face
ID: 113
Snails Orange Pink
ID: 112
Snails Green Blue
ID: 111
Cute Food and Character
ID: 110
Japanese Legends Manga
ID: 109
Hawaii Map
ID: 108
Anime Geisha
ID: 107
Anime Little Red Riding Hood
ID: 106
Anime Geisha
ID: 105
Anime Fairy Tale Mix
ID: 104
Kittens Macarons
ID: 103
Hide and Seek Kitty Poppy Flowers
ID: 102
Anime Harajuku
ID: 101
Modern Squares
ID: 100
ID: 99
Plaid Flannel
ID: 98
Tropical Beach
ID: 97
ID: 96
Noah''s Arc
ID: 95
Floral Pintuck
ID: 94
Sheer Floral
ID: 93
Floral Knit
ID: 92
Mid-Century Modern
ID: 91
Mid-Century Modern
ID: 90
Packed Mixed Flowers
ID: 88
Monochrome Floral
ID: 87
Silent Cinema Premiere
ID: 86
Sheer Floral Mod
ID: 85
Tiny Mushrooms
ID: 84
Heirloom Voile
ID: 83
Sheer Plaid
ID: 82
Floral Silk
ID: 81
Urban Zoologie Birds
ID: 80
ID: 79
Black and White In Crowd
ID: 78
Calaveras Alegres
ID: 77
Mascaras de Pelea
ID: 76
ID: 75
ID: 74
ID: 73
Social Climber
ID: 72
ID: 71
ID: 70
ID: 69
Doglandia Ruff Branch
ID: 68
Raj Wheel
ID: 67
Ziggy Cubes
ID: 66
The Sweet Life Pure Delight
ID: 65
Raj Large Floral
ID: 64
Ziggy Herringbone
ID: 63
Glimma Kita
ID: 62
Glimma Kulla
ID: 61
Glimma Soba
ID: 60
Black and White Countdown
ID: 59
Vinyl Vacation
ID: 58
Christmas Time Yonder Star
ID: 57
Happy Hannukah Modern Menorah
ID: 56
ID: 55
Dino Dudes
ID: 54
Circle Square
ID: 53
American Vintage Planes Trains Automobiles Cars
ID: 52
Ikat Burst Citron
ID: 51
Little Kukla
ID: 50
Sugar Skulls
ID: 49
Racer Cubes
ID: 48
New Graffiti
ID: 47
Kool Kat
ID: 46
ID: 45
ID: 44
Roughing It Campers
ID: 43
Remix Zig Zag Stripe
ID: 42
Les Amies Ripples Flannel
ID: 41
Half Moon Scissors
ID: 40
Boy Toys Camera
ID: 39
ID: 38
Weiner Dogs
ID: 37
Mirror Ball Dot
ID: 36
Mirror Ball Dot
ID: 35
Kitties Kitsch Kitten
ID: 34
Groovy Guitar
ID: 33
Groovy Guitar
ID: 32
ID: 31
ID: 30
Ruby Star Sparkle Floral
ID: 29
Calypso Stripe
ID: 28
ID: 27
ID: 26
Jester Fleece
ID: 25
Broad Stripes
ID: 24
Center City Miami Midtown
ID: 23
Peachskin Chevron
ID: 22
Pin Stripe Flannel
ID: 21
Chevron Flannel
ID: 20
Zebra Border
ID: 19
ID: 18
Story Patchwork
ID: 17
ID: 16
Deer with Glasses
ID: 15
ID: 14
Bonnet Bus
ID: 13
Bonnet Bus
ID: 12
Birds Berries
ID: 11
ID: 10
Field Study Specimen
ID: 9
Field Study Linen Ghost Wing
ID: 8
Folklorico Contigo
ID: 6
Alchemy Organic
ID: 5
Alchemy Sketchbook Fresh
ID: 4
Sun Glow
ID: 3
Foklorico Zocalo
ID: 2
Africa Johari
ID: 1