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Whether you're working from home and need someone to keep your child occupied, want to expand your child's learning options or just need a short break, we have a variety of activities tailored for kids.

Everyone's situation is different and that's why I offer options to better meet the needs of you and your child. This includes flexible scheduling options to coordinate when it's most convenient for you, along with personalized projects created specifically for your child or groups of children participating together.

Arrange individual sessions when you want or recurring lessons to lock in a consistent schedule. Each session can be different activities, or with crafting and sewing projects can build upon each other for your child to learn new skills.


  • Ages 6+
  • Live video chat with multiple camera perspectives
  • For individuals or groups
  • Provided by an experienced teacher
  • Recurring and long-term lessons can be organized
  • Discounts for multiple people
  • Bring new activities to your learning pod, virtual classroom or homeschool group
  • Collaborate with schools to provide drop-in sessions or supplement their virtual learning
  • Flexible scheduling in 30 minute increments
  • Available weekends and weekdays
No matter where you're located your child can learn new skills or just have fun with engaging activities.

From my studio in Austin, TX, I teach online classes to students locally, across the United States and internationally.

A variety of activities are available:
Storytime & Reading

About the Instructor

Vanessa has over 18 years of experience teaching adults and children.

In addition to offering sewing and design lessons she's also an instructor in the Fashion Design Program at Austin Community College. Previously, Vanessa has taught a variety of programs in her hometown of Austin, TX, as well as overseas while in the Peace Corps.

Beyond sewing she has taught art, yoga and English to children as young as two through high school-aged kids. She has taught adults and kids of all ages and enjoys seeing how everyone applies their newfound sewing skills to express themselves.

Days & Times

Weekends, weekdays, evenings, school breaks, etc. - whenever works best for you.

Arrange 30 minutes sessions or up to 3 hours. The earlier you make the request, the better chance I'll be able to schedule for when you want. I'm often scheduling a few weeks out for weekend spots, and holidays/school breaks can be even busier.

These are when virtual activities can be scheduled based on my availability.

  • Sun: 9a-6p CST
  • Mon-Thu: 8a-8p CST
  • Fri-Sat: 8a-6p CST


Commonly referred to as virtual sitting, this is an opportunity for your child to be engaged over live video chat with a variety of activities.
Crafting & Sewing
Expand your child's creative expression and skills with a range of art and crafting projects.
Storytime & Reading
Your child can follow along, read themselves or simply listen as I read to them from collections of online and physical books.
Games & Puzzles
Online or offline games and puzzles that can be just for fun or selected to focus on specific topics.


Personalized, private activities when you want with discounts for multiple people.

Number of Participants
Online Video Chat
$20 /person
(per 30 minutes)

What You'll Need

For the best experience please review the requirements and tools that are necessary to participate in online activities.

If you're new to online activities our aim is to make the experience informative, enjoyable and as easy as possible. If you're not sure if virtual activities are right for you or your child I'm happy to review providing you with a quick demo of how it works and what you can expect before you commit. After scheduling I'll provide you with details on the activities, calendar confirmation and links to the video chat app that we'll be using.

Tools & Supplies

If the activity involves a creative project I will provide a list of tools and supplies that you will need.

  • A microphone, speakers and webcam are necessary so we can communicate during the lesson.
  • A high-speed internet connection is highly recommended.
  • If you're accessing on a laptop or desktop computer you may need to install a browser plugin. Access the lesson at least 10 minutes before your first call to allow time to install the plugin before the lesson begins.
  • If you're accessing on a phone or tablet you may need to install an app that should be installed before the lesson begins.
  • A stand for your webcam, phone or tablet that enables you to use the tools and supplies.
Virtual Sitting is NOT Babysitting

It's important to make clear that this is not childcare or the same as in-person babysitting. It is required that the parent/guardian be at the same location as their child/ren, not leave them unattended and be immediately available to their child/ren or the instructor if needed. The parent/guardian must be present to provide assistance if they or the instructor determine their child/ren will need assistance based on the activity. For children 10 years old and younger the parent/guardian is encouraged to sit it on initial activities to help with tasks that require more dexterity.


Please complete the form below and I'll get back to you with my availability and next steps. After coordinating details I will send you an invoice that can be paid online. You will also receive scheduling confirmations and automatic reminders.

What activities are you interested in having provided. Select all that apply:

Select your preference for day(s) and time(s). We'll let you know the soonest availability for your preferred days and times.

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