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Starting from patterns or finished samples, we work with you to manufacture the items you need. We produce men's, women's, and children's apparel, accessories, decor, and even items for pets.


For makers and designers who need items made.

We work with a number of clients who sell items online and in specialty boutique shops, and only need occasional, small-batch runs to restock their inventory.

They like working with us because we don't have minimums and we can turn projects around quickly. We also like working with people who are just starting to create and sell their own designs, and need a reliable partner to work with as they refine and grow their business.

Custom Sewing Request


Turn your idea into a finished piece.

Design services are available if you're starting from a pattern or sample piece, and want help to develop or modify the finished item. We can provide direction on design, materials, construction, patterning, and production.

It's important to note that designing something from scratch, even if starting from a pattern and modifying it, can often take at least a few months. Each project is different, and timings will be based on complexity, materials, scheduling, and changes to direction that occur just going through the process of creating something new.

Custom Sewing Request


One-of-a-kind items you want to make your event a unique and memorable experience.

We work with wedding and event planners to design and produce small-batch runs of decor, table linens, and other custom pieces when they want their occasion to be a truly unique experience.

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Sewing Training

Not only can we make your items, but we can also show you how to sew your products.

Based on your skill level, we develop custom sewing curriculum that establishes a strong foundation of fundamentals, and then progresses to cover the skills and techniques necessary for you to successfully create the project on your own. We can also provide guidance on tools, machines and workspace.

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