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Personalize your space with custom pillows and cushions
Endless possibilities to get exactly what you want.
  • Indoor or outdoor pillow forms and covers
  • Zipper and pocket closure options to easily remove and clean the cover
  • Get new pillows and covers, or recover pillows you already have
  • Use the same size pillow forms or mix and match - even large body pillows
  • Upcycle/recycle from other items like t-shirts, clothing, curtains, quilts, or other pillows - anything with a great print or design that you want to keep and have made into pillow covers
  • Pillow forms and covers made into custom shapes
  • Great as gifts with a personal touch
  • Pillows and bedding can also be made for your pets
  • Small-scale production

Customized pillows can include beds for your pets too, including laminated cotton that is easy to clean and doesn't retain odors.

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