Tools, Notions & Supplies
Get the tools you need or restock your supplies, find the essential sewing items you need all in one place.

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Sewing Machines
Recommended sewing machines for beginners to advanced users.

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Books & Reference
Expand your knowledge of sewing techniques, fabrics and more.

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Sewing for Beginners

Are you new to sewing and want to learn more about what's involved?

If you're not sure where to begin and what you'll need to get started with sewing, here you can learn more about tools, sewing machines and classes.

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Custom Fabric
A collection of fabric that we've designed, plus options for you to personalize and create your own unique design.

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Stores & Services
Other stores that provide supplies, sewing services and more cool stuff.

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Custom Drink Cozies
Custom cozies for cans and pint glasses for gifts, events, weddings, parties or home/restaurant decor.

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Face Masks
Fabric face masks for adults and chrildren with flexible options.

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Gift Card
For anyone who sews, wants to learn to sew, or wants something unique made for them.

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Custom Sewing
Custom-made clothing, decor, fabric, branded products, design, production and more.
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Learn to Sew
Learn to sew or take your sewing skills to the next level with private sewing classes.
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Virtual Learning & Enrichment for Kids
Supplement your child's education or keep them occupied with creative and engaging activities over live video chat.
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Machine Repair & Service
Cleaning, tune-ups, maintenance, and repairs for domestic sewing machines and sergers.
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