I’m always looking for ways to enhance the online learning experience for my students and using augmented reality provides another way to communicate details during a lesson.

When I teach online sewing classes I use a custom multi-camera system that enables me to show the sewing machine, tools, and project from any perspective, including first-person, overhead and extreme close up.

Students can also show me their machine or project by moving their device or holding objects up to their camera. This has worked really well and enabled very effective two-way communication for successful online sewing classes.

How augmented reality is used during a sewing lesson

Augmented reality takes the two-way interaction one step further by allowing me and the student to draw on the camera screen for the other person to see.

With augmented reality, when my student holds up their camera to show me their project or machine, I can not only see what they see but I can draw shapes on their screen to pinpoint exactly where I want them to look.

My student can do the same from their end too by drawing on their screen to highlight something that they want me to look at. I’ll see the shape on my screen and can have a better understanding of what they want me to see.

It’s a very interesting technology that I’m excited to explore further when it can help my students as they learn to sew.

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