An opportunity to support their mission and keep damaged t-shirts out of the trash.

After seeing my segment on Fox 7, where I demonstrated how to remake a t-shirt into a throw pillow cover, Central Texas Food Bank reached out with a similar request.

They had a batch of t-shirts made for their volunteers in appreciation for the time they dedicate, but several had been damaged during production. Instead of disposing of the damaged shirts, they asked if we could upcycle them into pillow covers. Of course, we loved the idea! It enabled us to support their mission, it keeps clothing waste out of the landfill, and the volunteers receive a unique gift.

Fortunately, the damage was very minor and we were able to use both the front and back graphics from the original shirts.

The size of the graphics made for perfect 14” x 14” covers.

We really enjoyed working with Central Texas Food Bank, and glad we were able to help in support of their mission. If you’re not familiar with everything they do, take a minute to explore their operation and the opportunities to contribute.

Upcycling is a great way to give new life to something that might otherwise sit unused or end up in the trash. Just about anything can be upcycled and made into something completely unique. If you have a project request or just want to explore ideas of what could be done, contact us to get started.

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