For the last few weeks I’ve been helping one of my sewing students create her designs to present at this year’s Threadfair Fashion Show.

Threadfair is an annual, student-run fashion show put on for the benefit of Dress for Success Austin. High school students from across the Austin area apply to design and model unique clothing. The production serves as a platform for aspiring young designers to create a collection exhibiting their individual aesthetic and passion. While showcasing their talent and hard work to the community, students in the area can gain exposure to an industry they may not encounter otherwise. All proceeds from the show are donated to Dress for Success Austin.

When we started she had no sewing experience and very ambitious goals to develop a small collection.

For several weeks I showed her how to use a sewing machine and techniques to turn her ideas into the finished garments.

Through her impressive talent and dedication she was able to finish everything in time, and the final pieces came out great.

Yesterday I got to watch her showcase her unique clothing designs.

This was my first time working with Threadfair and we’re big supporters of applied learning. Even if the students don’t take it beyond this program, there is so much they can gain from this type of experience.

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