This is the process of patterning and remaking a pair of jeans into a completely new pair with a different style and the same, perfect fit.

When a pair of jeans fits you perfectly it can be difficult to find a new pair with the same fit, let alone a completely different style too. That’s the case with this project. The client had a pair jeans that she loves how they look on her, and she wanted a new pair with the same fit but a different look.

The process started by using her existing jeans to make a pattern to help ensure the same fit.

After the pattern was complete, the steps to construct the new pair of jeans was similar to other pants, and below are some interesting and important steps I want to share.

Measuring to get the proper placement and length of the zipper. Proper placement is very important so the fly lays flat.

Hand basting is key to ensure the zipper stays in place before stitching.

Finished fly after zipper has been installed – no weird bumps!

Close up of pocket and mini-pocket.

Back side of front panel after zipper and pockets sewn in.

Close up of backside of front pocket.

Side by side of new and old jeans, comparing the styling, yoke, and pockets.

Close up of zipper after it’s sewn in.

Close up of button.

Finished Jeans

The finished pair of jeans (left) has the exact same fit as the original pair (right) but is also a different style. The denim is darker and not as distressed. Some of the embellishments commonly found on jeans, like the rivets, weren’t included for a cleaner, sleek look.

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