Keep Your Small Essentials Organized With This Stylish Purse

A unique and highly functional briefcase design that features 3D printed compartments and an abundance of different pockets to keep your stuff organized.

Shirin of Havah Designs approached us with a near-complete prototype of her bag that she designed and constructed using a mix of fabric and 3D printed, plastic components. The goal was to help her refine the bag construction and share techniques so she could continue to design and create them on her own.

In a few hours of consulting and personalized sewing lessons, I showed her specific steps and finishing techniques to achieve the features she wanted in the bag and elevate the finished look.

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The final bag looks amazing and her use of 3D printing technology opens up limitless possibilities for custom design. Get the bag and learn more in Shirin’s Etsy shop HavahStudio.

We work with many designers and makers on the development and construction of custom pieces. We can help take your design from sketch to finished piece, and then manufacture multiple pieces for you, or teach you how to make them yourself. Contact us to learn more or get started, or see our custom sewing and sewing lesson services.

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