Upholstery is not something I do often but finishing the interior of a custom hearse is one of those unique projects that I had to take on.

Chris of Haunted ATX was in a jam. His last hearse, that he uses for tours of Austin, was out of service and his new one sat unfinished. He had the interior framed out to accommodate passengers but he wasn’t able to find someone to add cushions as quickly as he needed. Every day that passed meant Haunted ATX had to turn customers away.

When Chris approached me with the job I knew it would be quite a challenge taking on a project like this for the first time but I wanted to help him out, even if only with a temporary solution, so he could begin operating his business.

Getting right to work, my husband and I sourced the necessary materials locally and turned the project around over the weekend.


These photos show how the hearse interior was built out but not yet upholstered.


This is the interior of the hearse after the upholstery work.

We had a great time working on such a unique project, and it was fun to hear responses when I told friends I was working on a hearse!

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