See the process for creating custom designed drink cozies. 

Drink cozies and other custom table linens are an easy way to personalize decor, events, and gifts with custom graphics. These can be photos, artwork, branding, or even up-cycled materials, that are made into custom fabric and used to manufacture the final pieces.

ATX Vegans

As vegans ourselves, we support the efforts of ATX Vegans, and custom drink cozies was a great opportunity for collaboration since most of their events are food and drink related. The cozies are available at some of their events, and provide a unique way for people to share and engage with the ATX Vegans brand. Be sure to follow them to learn about their upcoming events: @atxvegans

Like other promotional items, the cozies are ideally something that people will use, but they’re also more than simply slapping a logo on an existing product. There are nearly limitless design possibilities for the full-wrap graphics, so you’re not confined to a small range of colors or shapes in the designs. We’re designers and love to work with others developing and crafting unique ideas.

Designing the Cozies

Starting with only the ATX Vegans logo, the aim was to create a visually engaging graphic that aligned with their brand messaging.

The approach for the design came from the desire to convey the richness of a vegan diet, and give the cozies an earthy, textured appeal. This was achieved with a vibrant array of color, a mix of floral/plant shapes, and wood textures. The butterfly and bee were added as a way to demonstrate the broader ecosystem, beyond the plants, that exists to support the production of our food.


The wood texture elements started from photos of items around our home – reclaimed lumber, the top of our dresser that Michael built, and the bark of a tree in our backyard.

Final Graphics and Fabric

The final graphics were made into fabric.

Producing the Cozies

And we manufactured the cozies here in Austin.

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