Hand Tools


Invest in a good pair of scissors to always get clean cuts, and use them exclusively for cutting fabric to keep them in good condition.


For quickly trimming threads.

45mm Rotary Cutter

A good size for most cutting needs, and can be used right or left handed. Use a small cutter for more intricate cuts, or a large cutter for thicker or multiple layers of fabric.

Pinking Shears

Seam Ripper

Surgical Seam Rippers

Precision Knife

Cutting Mat

Avoid damaging tables and rotary cutting tools by using a self-healing cutting mat.

Tape Measure

Non-Slip Ruler

A clear ruler makes it easier to mark and cut fabrics.

Angle Acrylic Template


Flexible Ruler

Dressmaker's Ruler

Quick Turn Tubes

Point Turner & Seam Creaser

Sewing Gauge

For marking placements hems, tucks, pleats, and buttonholes.

Smooth Tracing Wheel

Needle Point Tracing Wheel

Cork Roll

When tracing, pin paper or patterns to the cork mat to keep them in place, and help protect the table from needle point tracing wheels. Thinner Cork Roll (1/16")

Colored Pencils

Drawing / Sketch Pad

Tracing Paper

Pattern Notcher

Tailor's Chalk

Fabric Marker

Water and air soluble to make marks on most fabrics. Be sure to test and read labels before marking final fabrics.

Chalk Pens/Markers

45mm Rotary Cutter Blades

Keep extra rotary blades on hand to always get clean cuts when blades dull.

Pattern Paper


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