Machine Service Packages

For the sewing workhorses out there who live to sew, these machine service packages are designed to save you time and money, and keep you sewing.

If you sew daily, use your machine for production work, or sew frequently with very fibrous materials that can gunk it up quickly, then you may want to have your machine serviced more than once a year. This will also reduce the chance of major problems occuring later if you're a very heavy sewer. Buy a full-service package to have your sewing machine or serger properly serviced two, three or four times in one year at a discounted rate. Three and four times a year would be very rare, but I want to offer it for anyone who needs it.

Since you depend on your machine, with a service package you'll also be bumped up to the top of ther service queue so you get your machine back as quickly as possible.

Buy Service Package

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Full-service includes
Complete inspection of the machine, and a review of all major components to ensure they're functioning properly
Only as needed - Lube moving parts that require oiling to ensure they run smoothly, and the removal and replacement of old grease
Removal of dust and debris that can prevent your machine from running efficiently or even lead to major problems later
Minor repairs
Adjustment of major components to make sure they're functioning as they should, filing out nicks, replacing worn out springs or screws, and other minor fixes

How It Works

  1. Purchase a machine service package
    After you purchase a machine service package you will be provided with a coupon code, and your email address will also be registered with the package, and you can use either when redeeming the package.
  2. Schedule an appointment to drop your machine off for service
    When your machine needs servicing, schedule a machine service appointment and input your email address or the coupon code to redeem the package. Already purchased a service package? Schedule service now.
  3. Pick up your machine when it's ready!
    I will contact you when your machine ready and coordinate a time for you to pick it up. Most machines are ready in 7-10 days after servicing.

Ronkita services just about any make/model of domestic sewing machine and serger, vintage and new. Service does not include digital components, industrial machines, or machines that can't be removed from their tables/desks. See the terms & conditions below, and the machine service page for more details on types of machines serviced, locations, and scheduling options, or contact me with any questions.

Package Options
2-Pack 3-Pack 4-Pack
Service 2x / Year
Service 3x / Year
Service 4x / Year

Sewing Machine

$125 + tax
($150 value)
$175 + tax
($225 value)
$225 + tax
($300 value)

Serger (Overlock)

$200 + tax
($250 value)
$275 + tax
($375 value)
$350 + tax
($500 value)

Machine Service Package Terms & Conditions

  • The same machine must be brought in for all service appointments
  • Appointments must be scheduled during regular dates/times that are offered for machine diagnostic/drop-off
  • The package expires one year after the purchase date, and all appointments must be booked before the package expires
  • Refunds are not available if all appointments aren't booked before the package expires
  • Contact me at least 24 hours before the appointment if you need to reschedule - additional appointments will not be added to the package if you fail to appear for a scheduled appointment
  • Does not include parts and labor if major repairs are needed - I will notify you if major repairs or new parts are needed before proceeding
  • The full Machine Service Terms & Conditions apply when scheduling appointments