Custom Printed Fabric

Custom printed fabric to get the unique design you want.

The options for custom printed fabric have grown tremendously in the last few years, and this has resulted in endless options to customize projects with any design on a wide variety of fabrics.

Custom fabric is great way to personalize gifts, clothing & accessories, and decor to get exactly what you want and designed exclusively for you. At Ronkita Design we can manage all stages of development, that includes design, patterning, and sewing the finished items. We provide everything you need to get exactly what you want when creating custom printed fabric for your projects.

How It Works

The process of getting custom fabric printed starts with a digital file that's setup to the appropriate specs for your project and the printer. Based on your project requirements and what you want as the finished outcome, we can support every stage in the process.


Design includes a few different parts that all need to work together to achieve the desired result:

  • Selecting the right fabric that is appropriate for your project based on requirements, such as how it will be used, strength, textures, construction, and other desired characteristics
  • Design of the final graphics that will be printed on the fabric
  • Patterning/layout to ensure design elements appear where they're supposed to on the final piece and making sure the process is efficient when the piece is sewn together

When creating the final graphics, we can work directly with your design team, with graphic files you already have, or create graphics from scratch. We can also provide direction on material selection, and manage the setup of the files and process with the printer to get the best value and highest quality.


After the fabric is printed with your custom graphics it needs to be constructed into the finished pieces. We have resources to sew the final pieces using the custom fabric and any other materials that go into producing the final piece.

Types of Fabric

These are just a few examples of common fabrics that can be printed with custom graphics, and can be used for clothing, decor, bedding, accessories, and anywhere else these fabrics are used:











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