Private sewing lessons for adults and kids with a professional seamstress and experienced teacher

Private Lessons

In-person, groups/parties, and online sewing instruction

Private sewing lessons are available for adults or kids at all skill levels, whether you're just starting and want to learn the basics, need help with specific techniques, or want to go in depth on an entire project from start to finish.

Lessons can take place in your home, school, meeting centers, online using Skype, or in my studio. Topics can cover the full range of sewing projects, like learning to make clothes, accessories, doll clothes, home decor, items for your pets, quilting, and just about anything else you want to learn.

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What You Get

With all private lessons, the focus is on what you want to learn. Based on the project, skill level, and setting, a personalized lesson plan is developed to meet your needs. Whether you want to make something specific, like clothes, bags or other items, or want to learn specific techniques, or you need help getting through a challenging part of a project. This not only includes the time I spend with you, but often also includes research, creating custom templates/patterns, and developing individual curriculum. This way we maximize our time together and you get the most out of each session.

  • In-Person Lessons
  • Online Lessons
  • Groups / Parties / Camps

In-person sewing lessons can be arranged for one person or up to a group of five.

Standard Hourly Rate
1 student
$50 / hour
2 students
$40 / hour / student
3 students
$30 / hour / student
4 students
$25 / hour / student
5 students
$25 / hour / student
More than 5 students? See options for scheduling large sewing groups for parties or camps.

Bulk Lesson Discount
Do you have a complex project or want to learn many techniques that will take multiple lessons? For consecutive lessons taken within 60 days, the prices are:

  • Hours 1-4: standard hourly rate
  • Hours 5-6: 10% off standard hourly rate
  • Hours 7-8+: 15% off standard hourly rate

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Travel Fee

Input your address to find your travel zone and related travel fee.

Zone 1 = $5 / trip
Zone 2 = $10 / trip
Zone 3 = $15 / trip

Zone 1 = $5 / trip
Zone 2 = $10 / trip
Zone 3 = $15 / trip
* Outside the travel zones, please contact me.

If you're not in Austin or we can't connect for an in-person lesson, no problem! With one-on-one video chat, we can go in depth on a project or answer any questions you have on specific techniques. The personal instruction is performed using Skype, and provides a real-time, first-person perspective so you can see the actions as if you were doing them yourself.


Online lessons are $25 per 30-minutes, and to get the best results are limited to one student.


Please review the requirements and settings that are necessary to participate in the online lessons using Skype.

  • A microphone, speakers and webcam are necessary so we can communicate during the session.
  • A Skype account is required. If you don't already have a Skype account you can signup here for free.
  • To get the best experience, a high-speed internet connection is highly recommended. Please review the bandwidth recommendations, and you can also test your connection speed. For optimum performance, your speed test numbers should be at least 1.5 Mbps for both upload and download.
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Online Learning

Looking for more online learning options? Check out the Ronkita Design YouTube channel and tutorials.

Large sewing groups are organized when there are 6 or more students. These work well for parties and camps where the projects are usually simpler, students can get plenty of attention, and everyone has fun working on the activity. These are great for birthday parties, scouting events, after-school programs, and summer camps. These aren't just for kids, but can be organized for adults too.


Projects and plans are tailored to the age group, skill level and location, and can also be customized to match a specific theme. Often there's a mix of crafting activities, not just sewing, so there are endless possibilities for projects, new skills to learn, and creative expression.


These can take place at a location of your choosing, or if you need a place that can accommodate a large group, space can be rented from locations I regularly use in central Austin and Cedar Park. Let me know what you need and I can suggest options.


Prices will vary based on factors like the number of students, length of time, and specific activities.

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Intro to Sewing Course
Intro to Sewing Course

If you're completely new to sewing, this course is a set of private classes with projects designed specifically to give you the perfect introduction to sewing. This is a more affordable option to regular private lessons, and you still get to learn to sew at a time that's convenient for you. Learn More

Private Classes
Private Sewing Classes

Ronkita Design classes can be taught as private classes. For individuals, the price starts at a discount of $35/hour. For more than one person, there are even greater discounts. Learn More

Kids Sewing
Kids Sewing

Looking for sewing lessons specifically for kids? Check out all of the sewing for kids options, that includes in-home lessons, after-school programs, classes, and camps. Learn More

About the Instructor

Vanessa has 18+ years of experience teaching adults and children. She was an instructor at the Stitch Lab where she taught intro and specialty sewing classes, gave private lessons, hosted parties, and ran summer camps. In addition to sewing, she has also taught art, English and grammar to children as young as two all the way through high school-aged kids. Her teaching experience extends overseas as well when Vanessa was in the Peace Corps and she taught grades 1-12, and ran clubs and summer camps. Vanessa has taught adults and kids of all ages, and especially likes seeing how everyone applies their newfound sewing skills to express themselves.

Vanessa is a full-time seamstress, working with clients on a wide variety of custom projects and production, that helps to keep her current with the latest sewing trends and technologies. She is also a machine service technician and has expert knowledge on a wide range of sewing machines. This experience is shared with her students by showing them how to properly use and maintain their sewing machine.

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