Explore your creativity and learn new skills using a variety of crafting materials, tools and techniques

Craft Projects

For kids and adults, get creative and choose from a variety of fun crafting projects to learn to make.

Using handsewing techniques and a variety of materials you can create all kinds of different projects.

You'll not only make the project yourself but also learn the skills to make more on your own.

When registering let me know which of these projects you want to make. I'll provide you with different patterns to select from, then during the class I'll guide you through the steps and techniques to make the project.

Plush Toy

Make stuffed animals and other plush toys.

Cross Stitch

Create unique designs with this easy form of embroidery.


Apply creative stitching to your clothes, bags, accessories, pillows and more.

Felt Embellishments

Create felt toys and characters, or embellish other items with unique designs.

Applique and Patches

Repair or personalize your clothing, accessories and decor with unique fabric or patches.

Sashiko Stitching

A unique embroidery stitch for reinforcing or decorating garments, accessories and other items.

Want to make your own designs?
Depending on how complex the pattern or your design it may require more than 2 hours to complete that I can show you how to make in personalized lessons.

Materials TO Bring

Below is a list of the materials for the project you want to make, as well as other general tools and supplies you'll need.

All Projects

In addition to the materials for the project you select, you'll also need these materials and tools:

Plush Toy

Cross Stitch

  • Embroidery kit
  • Cotton or felt fabric - large enough to stretch across the hoop plus a few extra inches

Felt Embellishments

Applique and Patches

Applique and patches can be applied by hand or machine. If you want to applique, please have your fabric cut out and ready before class, otherwise most of the time may be dedicated to cutting and there won't be enough time to complete the project.

Sashiko Stitching


Private, online classes when you want with discounts for multiple people.

Number of Students
Online Video Chat


2 hours
One, 2-hour session


Group Classes
Discounts are available for multiple people so get friends or family members together for the class too. Select the number of students above to see the discounted price per person.

Online Sewing Classes

Live, interactive sewing lessons over video chat to learn to sew from the comfort of your home.

Not sure if online lessons are right for you?
We've developed an online learning experience to make it as close as possible to being in person. I make the same project along with you so you can see actions from multiple camera perspectives as I guide you step by step.
Learn more or contact me about setting up a demo.

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About the Instructor

Vanessa has over 18 years of experience teaching adults and children. In addition to offering sewing classes and lessons she is an instructor in the Fashion Design Program at Austin Community College. Previously, Vanessa was an instructor at The Stitch Lab where she taught intro and specialty sewing classes, gave private lessons, hosted parties, and ran summer camps. Beyond sewing she has taught art, yoga and English to children as young as two through high school-aged kids. She has taught adults and kids of all ages and enjoys seeing how everyone applies their newfound sewing skills to express themselves.

Vanessa is a full-time designer and seamstress working with clients on a wide variety of custom, small-scale manufacturing and consulting projects that keep her current with the latest sewing trends and technologies. She is also a machine service technician and has expert knowledge on a wide range of sewing machines that she shares with students on how to properly use and maintain their sewing machine.


Craft Projects

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Custom Sewing Services

Custom Sewing

Any of the items made in our classes can also be made custom for you. We specialize in creating custom clothing, decor, stuff for pets, and more.

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