Beginner to advanced sewing classes for kids and adults where you'll learn to make something great

Sewing Classes

Sewing classes taught by a professional seamstress and experienced teacher.

Based on your skill level and what you want to learn, these sewing classes provide options for anyone who has never sewn before, and for those who want to advance their sewing skills. Learn how to make clothes and home decor, and specific techniques like hemming and installing zippers.

New to Sewing

If you're completely new to sewing, we have a range of options for you to experience sewing. Choose from easy workshops to get a quick taste, move up to the Beginner Basics class, or dive into the comprehensive Intro to Sewing Course.

Private Classes

If you see a class you want to take but it's not available at a time or location that's good for you, see the flexible options for arranging it as a Private Sewing Class.

Class options and availability change frequently so check back often and don't wait too long to sign up! Contact me with any questions or if you can't find what you need.

Private Sewing Classes
Sewing Classes On Your Time
Private Sewing Classes
Sewing Programs
After-School & Camps
After-School Programs and Camps
Sewing Class
Intro to Sewing Course
Intro to Sewing Course
Sewing Workshops
Fun, Easy Projects
Sewing Workshops
Sewing Workshops
Clutch Handbag
Sewing Workshop - Clutch Handbag
Sewing Workshops
Can Cozies
Sewing Workshop - Can Cozies
Sewing Workshops
Small Carry-All Tote Bag
Sewing Workshop - Carry-All Tote Bag
Sewing for Kids
Kids Sewing Classes & Lessons
Sewing for Kids
Sewing Class
American Girl Doll Clothes
Sewing Class - American Girl Doll Clothing and Accessories

New to Sewing

If you're completely new to sewing, or just want a refesher, start with any of these options to experience sewing and develop the skills you need to take on more projects.


Get a quick taste of sewing and have fun making something for yourself. Just show up and leave with something cool!

Beginner Basics
Beginner Basics

A great introduction to basic sewing techniques and using a sewing machine.

Intro to Sewing Course
Intro to Sewing Course

A flexible, in-depth series of private classes for beginners to cover essential sewing techniques and using a sewing machine.

Kids Sewing

Sewing for Kids

Looking for sewing options just for kids? Private lessons and classes, for kids at any skill level, to teach them how to sew and build their sewing skills.

Many of the sewing classes are kid friendly, plus custom curriculum can be developed for individuals or groups of kids. This includes in-home private lessons, after-school programs, parties, and camps.

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Beginner & Intermediate Sewing Classes

I have taught and developed curriculum for many sewing projects. The classes below are for the confident beginner, or anyone who already knows how to use a sewing machine, to learn more techniques and build their sewing skills.

American Girl Doll Clothes

Learn to make clothing and accessories for your 18" doll.

Athletic Leggings & Shorts

For exercising, yoga, running, or other activities, learn to create your own pair of custom leggings or shorts.

Baby Bodysuit

Learn to make your own custom baby bodysuit for your own baby or as a unique gift.

Baby/Toddler Leggings

An intro to sewing with knits, and you'll also leave with an adorable finished project at the end.

Zipper Pouch

Learn to create a custom, versatile zipper pouch at any size to store or carry anything you want.

Knit Pencil Skirt

An intro to sewing with knits using a classic design that's simple to make.

Adult Knit Leggings

Learn to create your own pair of custom leggings to wear when you go out out or to exercise.

Pajama Pants or Shorts

Learn to make some comfy pajama pants or shorts and advance your sewing skills in the direction of making garments.

Skater Skirt

Versatile, ever-trendy, and flattering, learn to make a custom skater skirt to add to your wardrobe.

T-Shirt Upcycle to Shorts or Pillow

Learn how to turn a t-shirt into a custom throw pillow cover or a pair of lounge shorts.

Tote Bags

A beginner class that builds on basic sewing techniques, sets the foundation for more advanced projects, and you create a cool tote bag.

Throw Pillow Cover

Spice up any room or outdoor space in your home with a mix of designs and prints, or match a specific decor. Endless possibilities to get exactly what you want.

Dog Collar and Leash

Show off your pup's unique style by learning to create a custom dog collar and leash.

Technical Series

Learn specific techniques that can be applied to any sewing project. These 2-hour sewing classes are perfect for anyone, beginners or advanced, who want to get more into the fine details of garment making, or just learn very useful techniques.


Learn different hemming techniques so you can modify and professionally finish your garments.


Learn to be an ace at installing all kinds of different zippers for a wide range of sewing projects.

Seam Finishing Techniques

Learn how to finish your garments to give them that professional touch.

How to Read a Pattern

Learn everything that is involved with using vintage, modern, and downloadable patterns so you can feel confident creating new projects from patterns.

Private Sewing Classes

Private Sewing Classes

Get in-person sewing classes when and where you want to learn to sew

Did you see a class that you want to take, but it's not available at a time that's good for you? No problem, now you can request the class as a private class and learn at a time and location that is convenient for you!

For adults or kids, get friends, family, or siblings together who want to learn to sew. You'll receive a discount for the more people in your group.

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About the Instructor

Vanessa has 18+ years of experience teaching adults and children. She was an instructor at the Stitch Lab where she taught intro and specialty sewing classes, gave private lessons, hosted parties, and ran summer camps. In addition to sewing, she has also taught art, English and grammar to children as young as two all the way through high school-aged kids. Her teaching experience extends overseas as well when Vanessa was in the Peace Corps and she taught grades 1-12, and ran clubs and summer camps. Vanessa has taught adults and kids of all ages, and especially likes seeing how everyone applies their newfound sewing skills to express themselves.

Vanessa is a full-time seamstress, working with clients on a wide variety of custom projects and production, that helps to keep her current with the latest sewing trends and technologies. She is also a machine service technician and has expert knowledge on a wide range of sewing machines. This experience is shared with her students by showing them how to properly use and maintain their sewing machine.

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Not what you're looking for?

Check out all options for classes and private lessons, or contact me with classes and programs you'd like to see developed. Take this survey to let me know more about what you would like.

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Custom Sewing Services

Custom Sewing

Any of the items made in our classes can also be made custom for you. We specialize in creating custom clothing, decor, stuff for pets, and more.

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