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Start your custom sewing project for individual projects or small-batch manufacturing

When you're ready to start your custom sewing project please review the process below and submit the form at the bottom. This describes how we operate, our approach to custom projects and the details we need in order to review your project. Using this information we'll be able to evaluate if it's a project we can take on and schedule time to review with you in more detail.

Please keep in mind that custom sewing projects can be time and labor intensive whether you need one item made or manufacturing of many pieces. If you're in a hurry and want to skip or rush through the necessary steps then we are not the right partner for you. We are a small studio that works closely with our clients to provide a high level of service and accessibility, that also means we're not able to take on every project that comes our way.

How It Works

Step 1: Project Request
Use the form below to initiate your project request. Please be as thorough as possible and include requirements, expectations, due dates and any other details that will enable us to understand your project. We'll review your request to determine if it's something we can do and then coordinate a time to connect with you for a consultation to review the project in detail.

Step 2: Consultation
There is no charge for the initial consultation and this is done over the phone, by email or in-person based on the requirements of the project. This is an opportunity to review your project and ask any questions of the process and how we operate. Our aim is to be open, educate you on any areas you're not familiar with and help you make informed decisions. During the consultation please be ready to elaborate on all project details, such as goals, requirements, materials, timings and budget.

Step 3: Proposal & Estimate
After all of the necessary details have been collected we'll scope the project that will include timings, costs, terms and other details.

Step 4: Development / Production
Production of your piece(s) is based on the agreed upon specs and details. During this stage it's not uncommon for direction to change, particularly after you have an opportunity to see, try or wear new pieces firsthand. Any requests or changes to direction that were not included in the project plan will incur additional charges for time and materials that we will review with you prior to the work taking place.


These are averages and timings for your project will be based on the details of your specific project and our availability at the time you make the request.

Individual / Small-batch Projects (< 10 Pieces)
Projects like making a garment from an existing pattern, home decor pieces or other small projects where specs and materials are ready to go, we usually schedule out about 3-4 weeks to begin.

Large-batch Projects (10-50+ Pieces)
Projects with large quantities, like uniforms, table linens or decorations for an event, connect with us at least 10-12 weeks before you need the project completed.

New Design / Product Development
If your project is a new design, like the prototyping and development of a garment or sewn product that requires design, patterning and material sourcing, then expect at least 5-6+ months for the development process.

These timings are not indicative of every project and are usually longer around holidays. Before we begin your project, key dates like milestones, deliveries, completion and other necessary dates will be reviewed and agreed before starting.


Every project is different and costs are driven by several factors, such as materials and the time for design, fittings, patterning and actually constructing the pieces. We don't provide costs or estimates until we've had an opportunity to thoroughly review your project.

Sample Making & Manufacturing
The cost per piece to manufacture your items is only provided after we know all of the specs and details and have made a sample piece. We'll review with you the costs and everything that is needed for sample making and then afterwards provide the manufacturing costs. The cost to make an individual sample piece is not representative of the cost per piece to manufacture multiple pieces.

Terms & Conditions

Payments & Timings
All payments must be paid by the due date on the invoice. Projects will not start until deposits are paid, all materials are present and any other terms agreed. Late payments may result in work stoppage, revised timings or cancellation of your project.

Development of items that meet all of your desired attributes for function and design may not always be achievable. Due to limitations in materials, construction processes, timings, costs, our abilities or factors outside of our control, these could preclude the development. We will try to explain any limitations and when possible provide alternative options.

Custom sewing is a collaborative process that can be challenging and requires time and patience. We reserve the right to terminate a project at anytime for behavior that we deem to be unprofessional or disrespectful.

Custom Project Request Form

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