Custom clothing, decor, items for pets, branded products, design, production, prototyping & development, and just about any sewing request

Custom Sewing

We help to bring your ideas to life.

For small, one-off projects for individuals, or larger jobs for businesses, we have the expertise and resources to provide a wide range of sewing and design services. We can support any stage in the process, from initial design and prototyping, all the way through to producing final pieces.

Custom Sewing Services & Projects

Design and sewing services for interior decorators, event/wedding planners, photographers, and other creative service providers to help you deliver the experience your clients want.

Get the one-of-a-kind items you want to make your event a unique and memorable experience.

Custom clothing so you get the exact design, fit, function, and material that you want. Made from a pattern or a garment you already have that you want more of.

Get the perfect bag that looks and functions exactly the way you want.

Truly personalize your space with custom pillow covers.

Create/modify patterns, fabric design, cut, sew - any and all stages of production - for one item up to large batches.

Custom Printed Fabric

With most custom projects you have the option of using custom printed fabric to get any design you want. Learn More

Day Dress
Throw Pillows
Men's Shirt
Athletic/Performance Leggings
Outdoor Pillows & Cushions
Sleeveless Top
Bags, packs and totes
Dog Beds
Shift Dress
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