Look and feel great in clothes that fit you perfectly


Get the perfect fit with tailoring and alterations, including zipper and button replacement, hemming, and minor clothing repairs.

Final costs and timings will be determined when I have an opportunity to review the items. In cases where an initial quote is subject to change, I'll communicate with you prior to any additional work.

Tops, Shirts & Blouses
Take-in / Slim
Shorten Sleeves (no cuff details)
Shorten Sleeves (with cuff details)
Adjust Shoulders (no sleeves)
Adjust Shoulder (with sleeves)
Take-in / Slim Sleeves
Add Darts
Pants & Bottoms
Hem (with cuff)
Hem (without cuff)
Blind Hem
Take-in / Slim Leg
Adjust Waist
*linings may increase prices
Original Hem
Take-in / Slim Leg
Adjust Waist
Jackets & Coats
Take-in / Slim
Shorten Sleeves (from cuff)
Shorten Sleeves (from shoulder)
Take-in / Slim Sleeves
Adjust Shoulders
Add Darts
*linings may increase prices
Dresses & Skirts
Hem with Pleats/Details
Take-in / Slim
Shorten Sleeves
Shorten Sleeves (Detailed Cuff)
Slim Sleeves
Adjust Shoulder (No Sleeves)
Adjust Shoulder (With Sleeves)
*linings may increase prices
Add/Remove Zippers or Buttons
Move Zipper
Seam Repair
*linings may increase prices
Items Not Tailored
Leather goods and apparel
Men's and women's suit jackets
Wedding gowns and tuxedos
Winter apparel, like heavy jackets
For these items, or if I don't have availability, I recommend contacting Quid Pro Sew or Gallery One Point Fashion

Mobile Service

If you're not available to come to my home studio near East 51st, I can come to you to review your items, measure, pin and mark, and return the items when complete.

Input your address in the map to find the travel zone you're in and the related travel fee. Travel fees are per trip each time I meet you, and will be included on your final invoice.

Zone 1 = $5 / trip
Zone 2 = $10 / trip
Zone 3 = $15 / trip

Zone 1 = $5 / trip
Zone 2 = $10 / trip
Zone 3 = $15 / trip
Outside the travel zones, please contact me.

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