New Hand Sewing Tutorials

New video tutorials have been added that cover a variety of hand sewing tips and tricks. These simple techniques are beneficial to know and used to make common repairs to garments and other items.    

I’m frequently asked about how to make repairs and alterations to garments that don’t require a sewing machine. So, I created a few videos that demonstrate simple hand-sewing techniques. These are good to know and can be applied to many different types of projects.

How to fix off-track zipper pull

Learn how to fix a zipper when the pull comes off the zipper track. Watch Video

How to hand sew a straight line

Learn different techniques for hand sewing in a straight line. Watch Video

How to thread elastic through a casing

Learn how to replace elastic in skirts, pants, and other items. Watch Video

How to tie a tailor’s knot

Learn how to tie a strong and versatile tailor’s knot. Watch Video

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