Custom Drink Cozies

Stand out from the crowd and show off your unique style with personalized drink cozies.

We’ve been making custom cozies for a long time, and now we’ve launched a set of different types, and more options for you to personalize the way they look.

The cozies can be made from existing fabric, or use custom-designed fabric to get a truly one-of-a-kind look. Custom-designed fabric is a great option for your next event, wedding or party, or brand them with your unique identity. Pair with other linens, decor, or even clothing.

These premium cozies are designed and handcrafted in Austin, TX. They fit common can and pint glass sizes, and have unique features not found on other types of drink cozies.

Contact us with questions or to get started, or learn more about custom drink cozies.

We specialize in custom sewing and design, and provide a wide range of services so you can get the personalized and unique items you want.

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