Custom Sheath Dresses

A collection of sheath dresses made for a client so she can have a diverse wardrobe made from a garment she loves to wear.

Do you have a piece of clothing in your closet that fits you perfectly and wish you could have more? This project is a great example of how a favorite garment can be patterned and then new pieces made fromĀ  different fabrics and styles to provide a wide variety of unique looks.

With these sheath dresses, we started with a custom made pattern, used a variety of fabrics, and different options, like with and without sleeves. Even with the same pattern, changing up the fabrics and options provides a completely different look. These can be worn casual, with other accessories like leggings or sweaters, and dressed up with finer fabrics. So many ways to get different looks out of a single pattern!

The first set of 5 we made last year, and she recently came back for a few more. Keeping the pattern on file I’m able to make more when needed.

Contact me with any questions or if you have a garment you want to have made.

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