Re-upholstered Ottoman Just For You

Do you need an ottoman? Do you want it upholstered to match your space? Now you can get just that!

Don’t pay much attention to the terrible looking photos. These are the the BEFORE photos of the ottoman. The AFTER photos are up to you, and we’re offering the opportunity for you to get this ottoman upholstered in fabric that you want – replacing the current faux leather with your fabric.

We don’t specialize in upholstery, but we still love doing it when the right project comes along. We acquired this ottoman after the previous owner wanted to get rid of it because the faux leather had cracked and peeled off in many places. Unfortunately, when something like this occurs, often the furniture is just thrown away, even though everything else is in great condition.

This is a similar trend that occurs with clothing too. Items made from poor-quality materials that aren’t designed to last, and ultimately end up in landfills after a short time. We try to emphasize sustainability with our products and services, and this is a great piece to demonstrate what can be done with furniture too.

You get a custom-made piece in the style you want, help reduce the amount of waste ending up in a landfill, and it will probably last longer than the original when using higher-quality fabric.

Personalize this Ottoman for Your Home

There is a lot of life left in this piece! It has a solid wood frame with minor wear, and the structure of the cushion is in excellent condition. The only thing it needs is to be re-upholstered – removing the old fabric and replacing it with yours – and it will look as good as new.

Rather than selecting the fabric ourselves and reselling it, we want to provide the opportunity for you to use the fabric you want. We can also make other items to match the ottoman and tie it all together with your decor, like throw pillows, drink coasters, tableware, or other custom pieces.

Ottoman Dimensions:

  • Width: 28″
  • Length: 48″
  • Height: 18″

Fabric Options

When selecting fabric, we recommend decor weight for durability. But, hey, this is your piece to get what you want, so you can pick just about any woven fabric. When it starts to wear, get it re-upholstered again. That’s really the point – don’t throw it away, instead, fix and update when you can.

When you find the fabric you want, we can let you know how much you’ll need and suitability. Here are some places where you can find fabric:


You get the ottoman, upholstered in your fabric, for $335. If you want tufting or other design options, let us know and we can review pricing.

Get Started

Contact us to get started or with any questions:

vanessa [at] | 512.630.2115

When someone decides to buy the piece and select the fabric, we’ll share the finished results.

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