New Button-Down Dress Created from a Pattern

See some of the steps involved with creating this classic button-down dress using the Colette Hawthorn pattern.

This is a custom dress I made for a client earlier this year and am just now getting around to posting details. She wanted a button-down dress but was having a hard time finding one to fit her petite frame and in the style she wanted.

She found the Hawthorn dress pattern from Colette, that was exactly what she envisioned, and provided the Charley Harper fabric from Birch for me to make the custom dress.

This is an example of the process of making a dress from scratch that I want to share, where you can see the pieces come together, and show the possibilities of having custom garments made. That’s the great thing about bespoke clothing, there’s so many ways to get the outfit that you want. Starting completely from scratch with a unique design, or from a pattern with a style you like, and everything is made just for you.

The description below doesn’t demonstrate every step in detail, just a few of the steps I want to highlight that are key features of this pattern.

Making the Dress

After cutting out all of the pieces, I pinned to line up the darts before sewing.

Sew the darts.

Fuse stabilizer to all facings.

Stitch bodice together at shoulders.

After stitching facings together at shoulder, attach facings to bodice.

Facings attached, folded over and pressed.

Attach stabilizer to button placket on skirt.

Pin bodice to skirt and sew together.

Attach sleeves.

The finished dress.

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